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Over 15 Years of Experience in Custom Product Manufacturing by following ISO Standards

Our Services

LEADRP handles all the complex work through high-quality prototyping and low-volume manufacturing, from your initial parts design to the final products. LEADRP provides complete support and services, including rapid prototyping, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding, vacuum casting, 3D printing, surface finishing, and assembly.


CNC Machining

Including CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling service for your custom metal and plastic parts.

Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Including metal stamping, punching, cutting, bending and welding services for your unique parts on-demand.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Including plastics injection molding, over-molding, insert-molding, and blow-molding services.

Facilities - Vacuum Casting

Urethane Casting

LEADRP provides urethane casting services to consumer electronics products, and so on.

Plastics 3D Printing

3D Printing

We provide SLA, SLS, SLM and DMLS 3d printing services for your custom plastic and metal parts.

From Design to Real Parts

LEADRP offers a full-line service for custom product prototyping and manufacturing. It’s not limited to product design feedback, CNC machining, injection molding, plastic injection molding, liquid silicone rubber molding, urethane casting,  sheet metal fabrication, metal and plastic 3D printing, surface finishing, and assembly.

From Design to Prototype
LEAD Company


At LEADRP, we use a variety of rapid prototyping techniques to produce engineering parts, prototypes, and complete working products. Since starting our business in 2006, we have put a lot of effort into our facilities and people to offer more competitive services than many other companies in rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

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Quick Response

With experienced engineering and operations team to help you with instant quotations, production, and delivery.

Rich Industry Experience

We help to dealing with varying requirements of material and tolerance in the most challenging industries since 2006 .

Quality Guarantee

As an ISO certified company, we always ensure our products and services comply with international standards.

Prototyping and Manufacturing Capability

LEADRP employs cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly skilled personnel to continuously enhance our manufacturing processes and product quality. With these strengths, we have the ability to handle any projects successfully and efficiently.

Our Capabilities

Compatible Materials

Surface Finishing Capability

A surface finish is applied to parts after they have been machined to create a unique surface layer to meet the products’ hardness, chemical resistance, and appearance requirements. It depends on material properties and the application of the part. LEADRP provides almost all types of surface finish processes.

Our Work

How We Work

Instant Quote

Send us 2D & 3D design files, then get free DFM feedback and quotes in a few hours.


Once the quote and order are confirmed, production starts in a few hours.

Delivery & Receive

After passing quality inspections, the parts are carefully packed and ready for shipment.

Served Industries

LEADRP is a leading provider of rapid prototyping services and low-volume manufacturing services for mission-critical applications in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical & Life Science, Oil & Gas, Food and Beverage industries, Semiconductors, and more.


Bracket, turbines, handles, and more.


Grills, handles, decos, and more.


Sculptures, mockups, and more.


Dental, implants, surgical models, and more.

Consumer Products

Household, electronics housings, and more.


Polyurethanes, die castings, chemical resistance parts, and more.

Oil and Gas

Fluoropolymer, silicone rubbers, and more.

Food and Beverage

Food-grade plastics and engineering polymers, and more.

Trusted Clients

What Our Customer Say

"The parts were received as promised, and the quality was great. Given the holidays, l appreciate your prompt follow up and services. After our trade show, we will be in touch. The new models will have your parts on them."
Jason Martin
Jason Martin
Industrial Designer
"I want to say that all of the parts that LEAD manufactured for us look perfect. In particular,l am very impressed with the weldment and its professionalism. Please let everyone at LEAD that helped us out know that we are very pleased with the quality of manufacture and engineering that went into these parts."
Mechanical Designer
"l am very pleased with everything that LEAD has produced for us. l can't thank you all enough for the quick response and the efforts that your team has put forth to make this business relationship the best it can be."
Mark Sommers
Mark Sommers
Product Designer

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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept 3D CAD files in STL, STP, STEP, OBJ IGS, or IGES format and 2D drawings(jpg, png, gif, BMP, pdf) with dimensional details and specific manufacturing requirements.

We respond within 2 hours after your request. Princing quote will be send within 8 hours. 

Yes, master models are used to create silicone molds for vacuum casting and can be made from any rigid solid that can withstand heat up to 100 °C. Models used for CNC machining will be 3D scanned to create a CAD/CAM program for production.

Quality parts less than 1000pcs can be made in as fast as one week if you provide complete 2D and 3D CAD models. More complex parts requiring other special features will take longer. As for shipping, most of our shipments are via air freight, which can take 5-7 days from China to Europe or North America.

We respect your intellectual property. None of your information, images, files or likenesses will be shared with any third party, and it will not be used for any advertising, marketing, or promotional use without your explicit written authorization. If you would like to sign NDA agreement, please contact our team for support.

We follow the ISO/IATF standard and guarantee that we will rework the products or refund them if there are any quality problems. The full-dimensional report, material certification, or first article inspection are provided on request before order placement.

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine - 3D CMM

We make your custom products better and faster

LEADRP could help you with all the important and complex work of custom product prototyping and manufacturing, from initial designs to low-volume production, post-processing, logistics, and more. LEADRP is dedicated to speeding up your prototyping and manufacturing processes and reducing costs. Whether it's a one-off prototype made or a batch production of thousands, LEADRP is here to help.

  All uploads are secure and confidential, check our IP Protection Policy. If it prompts that the file format does not support uploading, please compress the file into a zip file before sending it.

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Turn Your Design to High-Quality Product

Streamline your product development with our cutting-edge prototyping. From single units to large batches, we've got you covered. Request a quote today and accelerate your time-to-market.

All uploads are secure and confidential, click to check our IP Protection Policy. You can also contact us ( to sign a NDA before sending any design files to us. If the file format is not supported for upload, please compress the file into a zip file and then upload it.