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Brass or Bronze Which is Better
Material Selection Guide

Brass or Bronze, Which is Better?

It is common in the manufacturing industry today to use alloys of metal such as bronze and brass. These two metals are known as “red …

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Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Material Selection Guide

Aluminum or Stainless Steel Which is Better?

When it comes to metals like steel and aluminum, both have a wide range of applications. They are critical in so many industries, providing parts …

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vacuum casting

Overview of Vacuum Casting

What exactly is vacuum casting? Vacuum casting is a casting process that uses a vacuum to draw a liquid material into a silicone mold to …

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Material Hardness Testing

What is Material Hardness and How to Process Material Hardness Testing

What is Material Hardness? Material hardness is a measure of how much a material resists changes in shape. The ability of a material to resist …

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Electroplating Plastic Parts
Injection Molding

Electroplating Plastic Part Design and Processing Basics

Electroplating is the application of a metallic layer to the surface of an object using an electric current. Electroplating can improve the corrosion resistance, hardness, …

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Labor Day Holiday Notice

Holiday Notice: the International Labor Day

To our valued customers: LEADRP will be closed from May 1st to 4th 2022 for the Labour Day Holiday. On Thursday, 5 May 2022, our …

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We make your custom products better and faster

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