LEAD Technology Year-End Celebration-Annual Party

2024 Annual Party – a stellar event for our hard-working team

LEADRP, the Shenzhen based rapid prototyping and manufacturing service company, held exciting annual party in January 12 2024 to celebrate their employees and another great year. The event included great traditional Chinese cultural performances such as guzheng performance and folk dances, which brought good fortune and blessings for the year ahead. Employees were treated to mouthwatering gourmet banquets featuring classic Cantonese dishes as well as innovative new flavors. The highlights of the evening were the lucky draws and awards presented to LEADRP’s outstanding employees for their exceptional work and contributions over the past year. From engineering and design to production and customer service, award winners from all departments were recognized.

As a “One-Stop Shop” for prototyping, tooling and manufacturing, LEADRP knows the importance of both nurturing talent and celebrating success. The annual party allows the LEADRP team to come together in joy and appreciation, setting the tone for another productive and innovative year. With expert service, advanced capabilities, and above all, a stellar team, LEADRP is poised for continued leadership in helping companies turn ideas into reality. The enthusiasm and camaraderie on display at this year’s annual party prove that LEADRP’s employees are their greatest asset. Their skill and dedication will drive future achievements in rapid prototyping and manufacturing excellence. Below are some of the best moments we captured.

LEAD Technology Year-End Celebration-Annual Party

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