Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal stamping parts

Overview of Sheet Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is one of the world’s most cost-effective, highly efficient, precisely repeatable, and widely utilized production processes. It guarantees optimized part performance, rapid turnaround, high quality, and minimal costs in product design. Metal stamping creates many metal components, which have contributed significantly to various industrial applications, including automobiles, machinery, electronics, home appliances, tools, etc. …

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metal alloy selection guide

Corrosion Resistant Metal Alloy Selection Guide

Metal alloy selection is easy when you understanding what properties matter to your application. The most common properties considered include corrosion resistance, strength, weight, machinability and formability. When it comes to metal materials selection, corrosion-resistant metals are widely used in a variety of applications ranging from the culinary industry to aerospace. They provide structural strength …

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